Instructor Staff

S.N.Name Designation Trades Date of Joining Qualification Experience Photograph Campus
1 Mr. Ramchand Patel COPA Instructor (Theory) COPA 03/10/2018 MCA 6 Years Pendri ,Bilaspur(C.G.)
2 Mr. Hari Narayan COPA Instructor (Practical) COPA 20/04/2015 DCA, ITI (COPA) 4 Years Pendri ,Bilaspur(C.G.)
3 Mr. Prashant Kumar Sahu Electrician Instructor (Theory) Electrician 27/10/2017 BE (electrical) 3 Years Pendri ,Bilaspur(C.G.)
4 Mrs. Deepa Prajapati Electrician Instructor (Theory) Electrician 01/05/2018 BE (electrical) 5 Years Pendri ,Bilaspur(C.G.)
5 Mr. Raghuweer Kumar Kori Electrician Instructor (Practical) Electrician 10/11/2016 ITI (Electrical) 5 Years Pendri ,Bilaspur(C.G.)
6 Mr. Gaureeshankar Sahu Electrician Instructor (Practical) Electrician 05/10/2019 ITI (Electrical) 2 Years Pendri ,Bilaspur(C.G.)
7 Mri Jitendra Kumar Das IT Instructor N/A 14/10/2019 MCA 5 Years Pendri ,Bilaspur(C.G.)
8 Mrs. Subhrika Tiwari Instructor(Emploability Skill) N/A 01/02/2019 MSW 6 Years Pendri ,Bilaspur(C.G.)
9 Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Sahu WC & ED Instructor N/A 04/09/2017 BE (Mechnical) 4 Years Pendri ,Bilaspur(C.G.)
10 Sonam Shukla COPA Instructor (Theory) COPA 26/08/2019 BE (COMPUTER SCIENCE) Achhoti,Durg(C.G.)
11 Digesh Kumar COPA Instructor (Practical) COPA 01/08/2017 BA,ITI,B.Ed. 3 Years Achhoti,Durg(C.G.)
12 Mr. Ramkhilaven sahu Instructor(Emploability Skill) COPA 07/01/2019 MA(Economics) 1 Year Achhoti,Durg(C.G.)